Hosting | byZero
Here are a few services I host.

Privacy-respecting, hackable metasearch engine


Get Google search results, but without any ads, javascript, AMP links, cookies, or IP address tracking.


Gitea is a community managed lightweight code hosting solution written in Go. It is published under the MIT license. Gitea is similar to GitHub or Gitlab.


Jellyfin is the volunteer-built media solution that puts you in control of your media.


Mailcow is a Docker based email server which provides an elegant web interface for managing domains, mailboxes and more.


Hauk is a fully open source, self-hosted location sharing service.


Element is a Matrix-based end-to-end encrypted messenger and collaboration app.


Imagine a Matrix client... Where you can enjoy the conversation using simple, elegant and secure interface protected by e2ee with the power of open source.

Speedtest // Librespeed

Librespeed is a very lightweight Speedtest implemented in Javascript, using XMLHttpRequest and Web Workers.

Lingva Translate

Alternative front-end for Google Translate, serving as a Free and Open Source translator with over a hundred languages available.


A lightweight Javascript web application that allows users to test the strength of a password, how long it may take to crack as well as check to see if it has been featured in a known data breach.


HTML GUI for youtube-dl.


Backup of a File Encryption and Decryption-Website